Thursday, April 28, 2011

Papers and Papercuts

Today, our team at the office finished the preps for a major meeting tomorrow.

It's especially inspiring to see each one pitching their share in the workload, regardless of position levels. Our team does not care about that sort of thinking. Even if I am a manager, I can still staple and bind, right?

In the course of the month-long crunch time (and weeks of headaches prior to that), our senses have been crucially tested – sense of direction, sense of urgency, sense of humor. It's comforting to see that we can still laugh every now and then because of some particularly funny quip during paper sorting. Made us think we're sane, after all the chaos.

Also, it's not everyday that we get to do the fun mundane tasks – sorting pages, cutting loose edges, binding and running through stacks of bound papers to see if the pages were done correctly. It's a big break from the mighty computer and everything that entails.

It was also a chance to bond with the dear teammates. Such fun to chit-chat while at work! Seriously, we covered much in terms of “organizational information.” Yeah, most of them probably classified.

Come tomorrow, the fruits of almost two months of hard work and constant papercuts will have paid off.

It helps to know - we are a hundred percent, OC-level sure that all the pages are in their proper places. 

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