Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tagaytay in a Jiffy

Who cares if we'd been there before? 

View of the Taal from the Picnic Grove Eco-Trail

We made a new experience of Tagaytay! This time, we weren't in transit from somewhere else, or with family for Sunday brunch, or with colleagues on team-building session. We were with cozy, stress-free certified travel mates, out on a crazy and (relatively) unplanned weekend road trip. We five friends took our time, chilled overnight and spent less than we usually do during getaways (budget below).

First thing we did upon getting there was to look for a hotel. Remember, this was a carefree weekend. We did not make plans, nor reservations. And as luck would have it, the hotel we were eyeing had a room to spare! We checked in and immediately went to explore. It was late afternoon already and we wanted to make the most of daylight. 

 Aroma Apartelle facade

We had early dinner at the Mahogany Market Eateries. These are carinderias but with an edge. Everything is fresh! From the vegetables to the beef in the uber tasty bulalo! I'm sure you'll agree that hot soup and cold breeze go so well together. Dinner was sulit - all for Php 100+ per person! Oh, and did I mention that they offer bottomless bananas, pineapples and kapeng barako? Best hundred pesos you'll ever spend on food, I tell. 

 Caught the sunset at the Mahogany Market! 

We decided to walk off the full meal before heading out again. We shopped around the market, basking in the pleasant weather. I bought bamboo plants as companion for my money tree, Bounty. She has siblings now – Bambi and Bamboe.

We drove around, with our dear friend Bonj at the wheel, and listened to high-school-era music. The night was young and there were many things to laugh hysterically about, many jokes to tell. 

You absolutely CANNOT do a quick stop at the Bag of Beans. Might as well stay a bit :-)
At around eight, we stopped for coffee at the Bag of Beans. And upon setting foot in their al fresco garden, we decided to linger. We found a place among the casual tables set among charming trees and hanging lanterns. I felt warm despite the cool wind blowing. And soon enough, all five of us were cozily sipping and talking shop. I realize now that the place reminded me of Cafe by the Ruins in Baguio.

Never too full for dessert!

As soon as we had our fill of coffee and conversation, we went back to the hotel for video conference with our friend, Jaja, in Riyadh. Good times!

Before heading back to Manila in the morning, we looked around the Picnic grove and took some more photos to take home. 

Moleskine was only too happy to tag along!
The weekend was a winner! Let's do this again!

As promised, here is the costing for the whole Tagaytay Trip:

Transportation/Gas = Php 350 
(Van to Tagaytay and Gas pool – Thanks, Bonj!)
Food and Beverage = Php 600 
(Mahogany Market, Bag of Beans, Chips and Liquor from 7-11)
Souvenirs & Pasalubong = Php 300 
(Daing na Biya and assorted plants)
Accommodations = Php 640 
(Aroma Apartelle)
TOTAL = Php 1,890


  1. Winnar ang Tagaytay trip! Sama naman ako next time. :) Thanks for the convo guys. Kahit nilalamig kayo, hehehe. Salamat sa jokes ni Bonj. :D

  2. Hindi lang winner, champion pa! :D
    Yes, we have to do this again with you, Ja! :) And we didn't mind the cold that much. Welcome change yon! :D