Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend Blues

I got stuck in the city the whole weekend. Which was really not that bad in retrospect. It was a happy weekend despite some setback.

You see, I woke up early Saturday morning with an aching lower back.

I figured that was because I partied in my stilletos the night before. And that I was wearing the same shoes to work all day. Plus – I skipped my leg massage ritual as I got home because I was dead beat. Bad idea!

So I painstakingly made my way to the meds cabinet. Soon enough, the house smelt of liniment. For one whole day, Salonpas and White Flower were my friends. I was afraid to take a bath for fear that I would suffer worse, so I stayed in.

Some of the pain went away by late afternoon. And I was feeling very icky by then. So against all old-wives'-tales in my head, I took a well-needed bath.

And yeah, knowing me, I could not stand the loneliness anymore. I called some friends over for coffee and movies, mentioned a disclaimer about the smell of liniment. When they asked, I just told them that I am off stilletos for now.

And yes, Salonpas really works. 

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