Monday, April 4, 2011

The Traveling Moleskine

I am very lucky to have several groups of tried and tested friends. And one of these is the Seasonistas.

We are made up of college and post-college friends, a fusion of kindred souls and friends-of-friends (which worked, much to our eternal thanks). I think that's because our wavelengths intersect in a fun, good-vibes way.

The name “Seasonistas” was coined by our goddess-genius friend and also my college best friend, J, based on college “themes” of the old group: Spring for freshman year, Summer for sophomore, Autumn for junior and Winter for senior. We even had pictorials, screen savers and some literary pieces based on these “seasons.” We really do take themes seriously. It's fun!

Nowadays, we meet every so often, travel together, generally make fun of each other on social networking. And just recently – because we really miss our school escapades, we were only too happy to go along with a project suggested by J – The Traveling Moleskine.

This is a tale of a moleskine and a group of friends. 
Mostly a tale of the group of friends. With a moleskine. A red moleskine. 
That will travel among the group of friends. So this, ladies and gentlemen, 
is the tale of the traveling moleskine.”

The idea is to write down insights, travel tidbits, plans, et cetera. Since most of us are writers, this should be easy, right? So let's save the writers' block for next year, when the Red 'Skine would be brimming with colorful stories.

Aside from being part of accomplishing a group memento, this is also a chance for me to get in touch with my pen-and-paper writer side. How about that!

The Red 'Skine was handed to me (via breakfast date) by our friend K. I could not wait to write my stories -- which I finally did over sunset-watching last weekend. I'm halfway through my story list but I have more pages to write than I imagined.

I have to find more words, then.

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