Friday, April 8, 2011

Mad Crazy Friday

There's a new energy in our floor this afternoon. The weekend is coming and everyone is in high spirits.

From my room, I hear the frantic rattle of keyboard and last-minute printing, punctuated with the sounds of teasing and fun. I stop for a while and confirm (in my mind) that it's really the end of the work week. Normally, Friday hits the week's record-low in terms of energy.

I wonder, do they know something I don't?? << paranoia

Yep, it's TGIF! In a few, I would gather up my already packed-up bag – left it untouched where I put it this morning – and head to THE party. It's invites only and the super secret society is thrilled.

Officially, time is up, as it's past five but I run through the week's checklist anyway for the nth time – force of habit.

This is so going to be a happy weekend!

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