Monday, April 4, 2011

Batugan Chronicles

Bumming around the house last night with the sister and the boyfriend, soaking ourselves with music from my Chill Playlist.

Here are some sabaw bits of our aimless banter.

When Thia Megia's Colors of the Wind came on,

Boyfriend: Who's that singing?

Me: That's Thia. (kala mo close) She's the Pinay who made it to the top 12 of AI. (obviously, I don't watch anymore)

Sister: Sabi nila she does not have character. Great voice, though!

Boyfriend: Wala pa rin silang lahat kay Charice.

Me: Hah! Eh friend kaya ni Charice si Thia!

Boyfriend: (with tumigil-ka-nanloloko-ka-nanaman expression) Hindi nga?

Me: Ye-eeeah, they are sooo friends! Nag-tweet si Charice – (I was rudely interrupted!)

Boyfriend: Hu-weeeh? Kelan sila nag-meet???

Me: Dude, mukha ba akong stalker? Malay ko!

When we got to the new upbeat songs,
Boyfriend: Bakit ganon? Ang dami mong magagandang kanta. Hindi galing sa akin 'yan ah. (He gets hurt when he's left out of new stuff. After all, he's usually the source of all pirate-able files.)

Me: I am very resourceful, you know.

Boyfriend: Akina 'yang files na yan, lipat ko sa ipod ko!

Me: Eh kaso selfish ako.

Sister: Nasa laptop ba 'yang mga yan?

Me: Wala, playlist to playlist yan eh.

Sister: So ano pang silbi nito (ipod)? Suwapang.


  1. Hey Anj! Where do you get your songs? I need to build my playlist at mag-immerse sa music more. Hehe. :)

  2. From everywhere! :p Minsan kina Kel. :))
    I'll send you some cool songs via gmail.