Tuesday, April 12, 2011

[The Sagada Chronicles] At One with Nature

In November of 2006, the Seasonistas went for the first time to Sagada, Mountain Province and fell in love with the place (so much that we went back not even two months after). Back then, it was the farthest we ever went as a group. And it started our series of regular travels.

I came across this blog entry from way back. It's actually a series of four parts, all about the three-day Sagada trip. These accounts were the longest i have written soon after college. It seems that Sagada brought out the writer in me again.

Have fun reading! :-)

Written on November 12th, 2006 

It has been a week now since we left Sagada, but I can still vividly see the mountains, the cliff-edged roads, the glorious caves and the warm smiles of the people on the streets. The three days we spent there were as magical as they can get. When I look at the pictures, I can feel myself get caught in the images. Like the photographs were some kind of vortex taking me back in time.

I couldn’t have asked for more relaxing vacation-mates. The SAGADA Team: Jaja, Candice, Ivee and Ramil were the ultimate adventure comrades! These guys made the trip super special, as with our other adventures.

Sagada was really a refreshing break from all the stress of city living, as I’m sure all would agree. It was also a turnaround from all vacations I’ve been having. Since I started on my career, there is only one type of vacation I knew. The kind wherein I catch up on sleep, tidy up some loose ends, get the occasional query call from the office and then start packing up things for the next working day. I get the right mood during work when I get back, basically because I have two or three days of good night’s sleep (read: equals two or three days maximum productivity). Most of the time, I feel like a walking grump. Seriously.

God knows I was angling for a getaway vacation since early this year. Now that I’ve had it, I have a new motivation to push me through. Even if it means having to check out my Sagada photo album in the middle of the working day. There’s also the occasional “miss ko na ang Sagada” monologue. My officemates think I’m freaky already.

So then check out the succeeding pages for the chrono account of what happened during 


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