Friday, April 15, 2011

Twenty-Seventh Year

I super love my friends! 

No one forgot – well, this year at least. The wonders of technology are well into our lives, and I am not complaining at all.

Thank you all for the birthday greets! :-D

I decided to start my 27th with a pilgrimage-slash-field-trip.

Coach and I went to Manaoag for the day. It was his idea and I kept thanking him for bringing it up.

The trip was long and I took the time to do a bit of soul-searching. Which was just as well because Coach drifted off soon after the bus left the terminal. I covered many areas and came to several realizations. My journal had a heyday! Long trips are good for my soul. 

We arrived at noon - got off at the market near the church. The Manaoag Shrine was just as I remembered. Fellow pilgrims coming in and about, a hollow hush as we walked inside and the gradual cooling of air in contrast to the high heat outside. We took to an aisle in the front and started our prayers. 

There is comfort in the corners of this Shrine.
It's been sort of a tradition for us to take a photo of our feet when we travel.

It was Coach's first time in Manaoag and I could see he was amazed by the grand altar, with Our Lady of Manaoag's crown shining (literally). After we said our prayers, we took a tour of the candle shrine, which was a BIG improvement from my last visit. They built concrete and steel candle-stand structures around a giant statue of the Virgin.

There were many people in line to touch the Virgin's Mantle. We made slow but steady way, and soon we were in the small chamber, silently making prayer.

Soon after, we started our way back to Manila to catch dinner with the sister and mum at Amici.

Amici's Salmon Penne

Long day, but definitely worth the aching muscles!

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