Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quarter 1: Done! (Well.. Almost)

My month is coming in a few hours.

I'm not sure if I would be ready for all the crazy things that are sure to happen. April, after all, is the most higgledy-piggledy time of the year for me.

The birthday is just around the corner and I have several groups of friends, whom I cannot gather in one go. Looks like my card would be put to good use again. Sorry, bucket list (reference: Item number 18 of “27 Things for 2011” - No swiping of credit card for six months straight).

Oddly, I find that I am kind of.. sad that my birthday would not fall on Semana Santa. I have gotten used to it, since it's been like that for the past years. For half of my life, actually, but in intervals. It's a good excuse for not celebrating. Except that no one actually cares for that excuse.

Also coming up - my confused relationship with my current career is turning one! Honestly, I never thought I would come this far, but since I am already here – we might as well celebrate the milestone. May paid leave na ako! Woohoo! Bring out the champagne!

With the scheduled leave comes the scheduled travels. I just hope I can raise enough bread to cover everything. I hate being grounded!

To add to the confusion, I have the craziest deadline ever – and I have to finish the job before I could go on birthday leave. I am sending a prayer to the heavens. I am fervently hoping that everything would fall into place.

God bless my April!


  1. congratulations on the paid leave! ahahaha! and yes we should schedule an out of town trip...binyagan natin ang paid leave mo!!!