Saturday, March 26, 2011

Piece(s) of Cake

Anyone else got a sweet tooth?

Tiramisu, Blueberry Cheesecake and Sansrival from Bo's Coffee
- half-eaten halfway during one of the Seasonistas' Coffee Nights

Soon, that plate would be wiped clean. Voices would drift over, hands would swish – here and there, up and down.

This is a peek on the Seasonistas’ Coffee Night.

Seasonistas, as we call our group of college and post-college friends, are the coffee-and-conversation type. While most of our other friends and colleagues are into hard drinks and parties, we like to chill, talk and stuff ourselves with lattes, frappes and teas.  And cakes.

I’m sure you can imagine eight, nine or ten people, getting together, all with stories to tell, insights to discuss. Given that each person would talk for thirty minutes, the conversation would last for about four to five hours. And the thirty minutes allotment is a laugh. We could take several hours in total - hence the coffee.  

Actually, the coffee part is the easiest. As long as our schedules meet, everything else is a piece of cake!

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