Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bucket List Item Number 25: Check!

It took a bucket list entry for me to finally start a blog. 

At the time i was coming up with the list, I thought – hey, the world is changing everyday. Why confine my thoughts into just my trusty journal – all locked up? The web offers endless space for my words, I might as well make use of it.

You must understand that I am a pen-and-paper kind of writer. Though I am very much in the know of touch-screen gizmos, smart phones and other technological wonders, I would still secretly prefer writing on acid-free paper using my favorite black pen.

I grew up without TV, so books and pens and papers were my friends. I graduated college without my own PC to help out along the way. So I took advantage of free computer use in the University Library, and I thought, well – that was just fine. I wrote reports, papers, researches (yes, even the thesis) down on paper so that when it was my turn to type, I could do it smoothly. After all, slots were only a meager-hour to give way to other students.

Eventually I ventured into Multiply entries and Facebook notes, but those don't count as blogs – in my thoughts.

Now I am ranting away in my keyboard, breaking away from the comfort zone of ink and fiber, occasionally sipping brew (out of habit), and telling you a bit about my life. Soon, you'll read of many more bits and pieces, if you may.

Welcome to my caffeine-intoxicated thoughts.