Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vigan at Night, and in Sepia

It gives me goosebumps whenever i remember that we almost missed the spectacular night view of Crisologo Street in Vigan.

Last December, the whole family went to Ilocos, and Vigan was our jump-off point.

We arrived in the morning and took a tour of the city the whole day. We had an early dinner and by 6:00 pm, the parents were so tired, they decided to call it a day. We all went back to the hotel.

My sister Ana and I decided to also stay in and upload photos but at around 8:00 pm, we were both hungry. So we donned jackets over our sleepwear and headed to Crisologo Street (in photo) to get some chips and coffee. 

And then we saw this. 

“Okay, we are sooo not dressed for this!”

I forgot who said that, or if it was just my thought bubble. It did not cross our imagination that the bustling street of the morning before could look this picturesque at night. We did not even bring our camera with us as we went out.

So we went back to the hotel, dressed more apt for the gazillion more shots we were about to take.

And yes, we took the camera with us this time. 

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