Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some Random Sadness

When I'm sad, I crave for really good food, sweets and strong coffee – in that precise order.

Last night was kind of gloomy (maybe because of the weather), so I called up Coach and asked him to come pick me up and feed me fried chicken.

We went to Sinangag Express. En route, I swore that if they did not have Chicksilog in stock, I would throw an all-nighter tantrum. Fortunately, they did have it. And I ate like a child at Christmas.

Dessert was tricky. I wanted to treat Coach to Ice Cream at Ritual, but they were closed for the night. So we walked several blocks to the apartment, figured that we'll just have hot chocolate when we got there. Ana was at home and we were looking forward to some cheesy jokes, which she would undoubtedly crack if we asked nice enough.

Suddenly, I wasn't gloomy anymore.

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  1. aww.. can you please come over and dispel my gloom too? :(