Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crazy Things I Did Today

Mind you, it's just Tuesday. 

Although, come to think of it, it's my workday midweek since I will be on leave on Thursday and Friday (yippee!). My whole being must be on holiday mode already because so far, today has been my ditziest day of the quarter (last quarter's was... well, let's not talk about it now).

First, I might have left two of my electric fans running at home. And yeah, I might have left the blower plugged, as well. It dawned on me as I was walking some two blocks away from the office – and running late as it is. Luckily, I had the embarrassingly eureka moment of calling the admin guards to check if my meter is running. You would imagine my “wording” dilemma. How do I manage this conversation without burying myself further in ditziness? Well, here goes the conversation. Please do not judge me.

Me: Hello, Kuya Ronald, quick question. Kapag ba umaandar 'yung metro, eh di ibig sabihin may umaandar din na appliance, diba?

Ronald: Yes, Ma'am.

Me: Sige, pa-check naman if umaandar 'yung sa amin. Hindi ko kasi sigurado kung napatay ko 'yung switch. Sorry ha. Tawagan kita ulit?

To my eternal gratefulness, Kuya Ronald confirmed that the meter was not moving.

Second thing, I sidetracked an assignment, which my boss ended up doing. In my defense, I was prioritizing another stint, which was more crucial in my understanding as it was a direct order from one of our top bosses. Anyway, I hope he did not hold it against me – which is most probably the case as i'm not yet fired right now.

Third and most yucky, I managed to spritz coke (as in Coca-Cola drink) on my department manager's table, around her files and on myself. I was chit-chatting and opening a liter-and-a-half bottle and the coke suddenly went spraying around in abandon. I closed the cap when I realized what was happening, but damage has been done and I stared helplessly at the mess. My manager friend, whose desk I ruined, laughed so hard when she snapped out of her shock. I was stammering my apologies and dabbing at my shirt front and surfaces I can reach.

It was horrible. I don't think I can open another softdrink bottle without cringing.

Copies of minutes were splattered with brown; my lunch was swimming in a puddle of coke, scratch pads were blotched and browned – and the floor! Our shoes kept sticking to it long after we wiped the mess with newspapers.

My friend was cool about it, for which I was thankful. I was SO apologetic, but she kept saying that such things happen. But really, the person who must have shaken the bottle crazy (which caused the build-up), must have a very troubled brain.

Funny day, this. Some are crazier than other, after all. I hope there won't be a fourth on the list today.

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