Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Greening my Greens

It is true that life is infinitely more relaxing with more plants in the environment. And as it turns out, my love for the greens is well-reciprocated.  

Gorgeous flowers of Indie, my Indian Beads Plant from my best friend Cielo

Indie with new stalks, which are those with lighter green leaves and stems

From a couple of collections, my plants are now thriving and diverse. I guess word of my plant-love-affair got around and I started receiving pots of them for Christmas, New Year and , well, in general. Even my favorite “garden man”Kuya Tony gave me a couple of pretty seedlings for free. They are all living harmoniously and healthily in our apartment veranda, just like old times

Cali, my young calamansi plant, with fresh new leaves

My still unnamed bougainvillea (paper flower) plant

 E, one of my Chinese Fortune Plant collection, has grown so much. 
When I got it in September last year, it only had four leaves. I had to re-pot it twice already.
My boyfriend, glad of my “relatively safe” diversion, bought me a gardening book for my reader. I read this during morning coffee, so that I can immediately implement tips during my “gardening minutes” after I have had my caffeine fill.

My heart glows when I see them grow. Sometimes new leaves form overnight; stalks I haven't noticed before seem to have sprung – even fresh blooms seem to bloom even bigger in just hours. Every now and then I get the urge to just look. See if anything changed since I last did.

D, the oldest of my Chinese Fortune Plant collection, is now sporting a new “offspring” 
(see that small stalk between?)

Maybe it helps that I sing to them sometimes.


  1. Wee, I'd like a calamansi juice from Cali when I visit next time. ;)

  2. Haha! Sure, by that time sana marami na siyang bunga :D