Sunday, October 16, 2011

Greener Pastures

My previous weekend I spent outside my apartment veranda, replanting seedlings I bought from Mang Tony, a landscape artist based in Tondo, Manila.

For several months, I have been populating my greens collection. After several trials and more errors, I realized that those that I got from Mang Tony far outlived those that were from somewhere else. His green thumb is really legendary. 

Hence everytime I visit hometown friends, I always make it a point to drop by his stall. Which also goes the other way around, if I wanted new plants, I would drop by his stall and consequently visit my friends. Each visit to Mang Tony, I snatch some impromptu greening tips such as better ways to snip leaves and best household fertilizers. I have a feeling I could be really good at greening! 

 Candy, my very photogenic peppermint

Anyway, since I was wrist-deep in dirt and so into the planting fun, I also took the weekend to organize my plant boxes which have fallen into disarray over a few weeks of neglect. It was the longest I spent with my green friends, so far. And I enjoyed it!

I loved the feeling of pride and fulfillment when I gazed at my lovely plants and my put-together and very organized plant boxes. 

 Plant boxes! Love them!

 Letty, the lettuce tree :)

The boyfriend said that if this plant-love-affair goes on, I might someday have my own farm. And that was a really good thought.


  1. love your new hobby! :) ako, i'm a lost cause at this greening thing. i got an indoor plant as a bday gift 2 years ago and it died less than six months later. >.< so when i got a basil plant last Christmas, i told my mom to take care of it. sya na lang coz i have deadly thumbs. last month i was able to use the leaves for pasta. :)

  2. uy, my mom also has basil plant in bulacan :D don't give up, Chaaaa! when we meet i'll give you a water plant! promise, mabubuhay yon sa'yo!